About Me

My kids thinks I'm cool. 

But that isn't always good enough, is it?

These days I feel like a fireman and I smell like coffee and leather. I climbed the Great Wall of China once. When I was 6 I almost broke my sister's arm by accident. I grew up in WV and, yes, it's still a state - separate from Virginia. West Virginians are survivors. Maybe that's where I got my attitude. I am not a superhero but I was was once awarded the key to the city of South Charleston WV.  True story. 

My job title? Creative Producer. But first I am always a listener.  I'm here to prove the creative "theory." I'm also here to prevent problems so that no one has to waste time or money solving them. And my job is judged by just how smoothly and efficiently the rubber hits the road.


I am drawn to the missions that drop me and a small group of filmmaking warriors "behind the lines".

And sometimes I still like to pick up the camera.